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TANI JAPAN ATF T-IV Auto Transmission Fluid for Toyota / Lexus

RM 26.00

TANI ATF T-IV Auto Transmission Fluid

TANI ATF T-IV is a premium synthetic automatic transmission fluid. It is formulated with high viscosity index synthetic base stocks and latest additive technology that provides excellent service in a wide variety of North American, European, and Asian vehicles. It meets and exceeds Toyota requirements for ATF type T-IV. TANI ATF T-IV meets the requirements of Toyota Type T-IV level of anti-shudder durability (ASD).


Excellent rust and corrosion protection.

• Superior wear protection to protect critical transmission components.

• Provides excellent oxidation and thermal stability for longer life.

• Enhanced fluidity at very low temperature service.

• Excellent viscosity stability(high VI), application in a wild variety of Auto Transmission.


Toyota/Lexus/Scion : D-II/T/T-III/T-IV

Made in Japan

TANI International, Japan

Tani International Co., Ltd.has been developing quality automotive oils and fluids for Japanese domestic market and export market.