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MITSINBO LSD Fully Synthetic Gear Oil SAE75W/90 GL-5 1L

RM 20.00

MITSINBO LSD Fully Synthetic Gear Oil SAE75W/90 API-GL-5 1L

MITSINBO SAE 75W/90 LSD Fully Synthetic Gear Oil is manufactured from highly refined base oil and field proven performance additives. It offers excellent chemical and thermal stability and wide temperature range and optimum protection against wear and shock load in transmissions and axles. 

Use in all cars manual transmission, differentials, steering boxes, heavy haulage and long distance trucking.


- Proven gear protection in low and high speed conditions

- Reduces costs associated with seasonal oil changes

- Easier low-temperature starting

- Excellent performance in severe serviced



Leading and genuine supplier for automotive lubricants and fluids in Malaysia, with almost 30years of experience.